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Bam Margera acts erratically, is put in a state of 5150 mental hold

Bam Margera’s struggle continues. The former reality TV star was detained and is currently in custody 5150.

Bam Margera is spiraling

Bam Margera is seen after being released from prison after being arrested for trespassing

the Old stupid the star was taken into custody this weekend after he was found acting out of character at a Trejo’s Taco location in Los Angeles. TMZ first reported the crisis publicly on Sunday night.

Police approached Margera, who was called to the scene by onlookers concerned about his attitude and lisp. Recently, Margera has threatened to commit suicide, so this is a big deal.

So, along with this behavior, it made the authorities too concerned that leaving him on the street could disturb pedestrians and other people eating banh tet at Danny Trejo’s restaurant. Police called a psychiatric team, who deemed him unfit and in need of evaluation.

72 hours until release of Bam Margera

Bam Margera is seen after being released from prison after being arrested for trespassing

Margera’s 5150 can last up to 72 hours if doctors need to keep him that long. The professional skater has been silent since then, and it is unclear if he will remain in custody or be released and returned to the streets.

On Sunday, professional skater Jess Margera’s brother tweeted a plea for help finding Bam. In the evening, Jess tweeted that his brother had been found but did not provide any details on what was going on and his condition when he was found, especially after what he revealed about Bam.

“They found him safe he texted me and my parents at 6 a.m. this morning saying he loves us, he loves Phoenix, and he is at peace,” and that he She took enough medication to stop her heart,” he wrote. The tweets continued. “And some heartbreaking dark stuff. Thank you to everyone who shared the information today.”

Bam Margera was threatened with high


Just last week, Margera announced publicly that he has no problem getting high unless he can see the 5-year-old son he shares with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd .

“I haven’t seen Phoenix in two damn months,” he said. “I have to wake up every day knowing that I probably won’t be able to talk or see him.” He continued. “I’ll smoke with the f-king boardwalk parasites until I die unless you give me f-king Phoenix. Get to work, Nikki or whoever wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

At that timeBoyd’s attorney said she “really hopes that Bam can first achieve and then maintain sobriety, for his sake and for the sake of their son.”

Bam Margera is legally separated

Bam Margera, wife and son.

Boyd’s attorney revealed that being a drug addict had hurt Margera, but he wasn’t surprised by the outcome. “Unfortunately, that’s not how addiction works. People’s behavior doesn’t make other people drink.”

The pair appeared on Bam’s Unholy Union together, but when the show ended, the pair’s relationship was embroiled in allegations of abuse. Domestic abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Boyd filed for legal separation from Bam in February. The former skater went to rehab several times and has escaped each time until now. In March, she accused him of kicking her and was arrested. A few weeks later, he was again arrested for being drunk in public.

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