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Batman Will Always Be Gay

Much of “Batman Forever” is spent figuring out their identities. Everyone is dealing with some kind of identity crisis, whether it’s Dick Grayson mourning his parents and becoming Robin or Two-Faced (Tommy Lee Jones) is just Two-Faced. There’s a lot of binaries presented throughout the film, both in theme and visuals, and in the end, most of the characters choose to break them or embrace both in some way. Batman and Robin learn to work together, Dick becomes Robin, Bruce realizes he can be Batman And Bruce Wayne and more.

Bruce’s gender is never explicitly discussed in “Batman Forever”, although Dr. Meridian tries to psychoanalyze him and is a big fan of Freud. The two have a fun little date in which she can’t decide if she’s more attracted to Batman or Bruce Wayne (another binary option!), but it’s flirting and kissing, a little more . He’s never kissed Dick, but he cares deeply for him, and that interest may not be just pure. In the aforementioned climax, Riddler (Jim Carrey) forces Batman to choose between Robin and Dr. Meridian. That could represent not only the character’s gender, but also Dr. Meridian as his “straight” life as Bruce Wayne, and Robin as his “closed” life with as Batman. In the end, he saved them both, because he was Batman, and he eventually reconciled that he didn’t have to give up this life or the other, even if he wasn’t ready for it. declare both identities.

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