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Canceled a tournament of their own due to homophobic focus group feedback

Focus groups are demographically diverse groups that come together to test products or provide shared feedback. In theory, it sounds like a great idea to involve many different points of view in a room to provide input, but when it comes to implementation, focus groups run into problems. From a sociological perspective, participants tend to want to appease the moderator, which may result in incorrect data. Also, if the group takes place in person, people can change their opinions or feelings based on the group as a whole, experience a small-scale version of the phenomenon of group thinking.

While focus groups try to be as diverse as possible, factors like “people willing to go to the boardroom for $50 and get a free packed lunch” are not taken into account when evaluating data. Whether. Is this really a snapshot of the general public or just people who happened to be present? When it comes to film and television, however, matters are even more complicated.

Studios are always on the lookout for projects that can appease four major audiences; both male and female (although gender is not binary, but whatever) and both over and under 35 years old. Honestly, projects are often more interesting when they don’t try to appeal to as many people as possible because otherwise the result has traditionally been a cleaned up story geared towards the sensibilities of dominant power. dominant in American culture – transgender, straight, white, Christian, middle class, male.

The problem is like this; most movies and shows don’t appeal to four-quarter audiences, and there’s nothing wrong with that! What’s wrong is that studios use biased focus group data to justify canceling projects that happen to focus on marginalized communities.

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