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How we brew our own beer – Homebrewing – My Bite of Life

After our trip to Amsterdam and actually visiting several breweries, my husband and I were curious about someday brewing our own, however always delayed. During the quarantine, we finally decided to try and become brewers from beer drinkers.

Since we are not experts on it we googled and searched for options and finally decided to order Craft A Brew Kit from Amazon had great reviews. We personally like Hefeweizen so bought that set but they definitely offer more options like Pale Ale, Irish Scout, Brown Ale, IPA, Oktoberfest Ale, Ciders and many more to choose from depending on your liking. Friend.

This set includes a 1-gallon carboy, thermometer, disinfectant, yeast, hops, dry malt extract, special cereal, cereal soak bag, airlock, rubber stopper, funnel, transfer tube , holder, tube clamp and manual dispensing instructions. One good thing about this kit is that all the equipment is reusable if you’re going to brew beer again and all you need to get are ingredients like Dry Malt Extract, yeast, solid grains specials, hops, yeast, disinfectant and a bag of soaked cereals.

Also you need a large brewing pot (link to the incubator we used), about 10 Lbs of ice, 10 to 12 swing-cap bottles (or 4 large swivel-top bottles), and fine mesh strainer (optional but recommended).

The craft brewing guide comes with a toolkit that lists all the steps clearly and concisely, making brewing easy even for beginners. It was also our first time but the instructions were very clear and they also have many You Tube videos in case you need more clarity or don’t understand a particular step. Also, if you come across some questions that cannot be answered by watching the video, you can always contact the brewer and they will respond with an answer.

The process consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Brewing beer This is the first step and one that you will spend most of your time with. It took us about 4 hours to complete this step but had a great time brewing our own. The tutorial has detailed instructions on this step and here are some pictures for this step.

Step 3: Cleaning – This is one of the most important steps in brewing and will determine if you get good beer or bad taste beer. So be sure to follow this step exactly as stated in the instructions.

Step 3: Fermentation – After finishing the brewing, we fill the sterilized rubber with beer and plug it with a rubber stopper and make a steam release to insert one end of the tube into the rubber stopper and the other end in half full cup of water. It is essential to store in a cool, dark place for fermentation to begin. After a few days when the fermentation settles down, you can use the airlock. This whole process takes about 2 weeks.

Step 4: Carbonation and Bottling – After 2 weeks of fermentation, we are looking forward to bottling. We used bottles with swivel caps for this process and again, hygiene is key to this process. In this process, we reactivated the remaining yeast by using sugar as fuel to carbonize the beer after bottling. After completing that step, we smoked the beer from the carboy to a pot using a stand, tongs and a hose, and then again siphoned the bottles from the large pot following the instructions mentioned in the instructions. It took us about 1.5 hours to complete this process. I won’t lie that we were a bit curious about the taste of the beer and took a sip before the carbonation. We left the bottled beer in a warm, dark place for another 2 weeks so it could carbonize. and condition.

Step 5: Enjoy – After 2 weeks, we had home-brewed beer to drink. We’re really happy to see the carbonation in action and the beer tastes absolutely amazing. We went to great lengths and even designed our own Beer Label and also named our Beer. Obviously we were super excited when the beer turned out so good and all the hard work paid off. We currently have only the last bottle of Beer left and are already planning to brew the next batch by adding a little twist to it.

This can be a great date night idea or even a fun activity for family or friends to do together to spend time bonding while enjoying the rewards at the end. beer production process. After all, what could be better than a cold beer on a hot summer night?

I would love to hear about your brewing experience. Please share them with me. Happy brewing!

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