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OpenAI CEO suggests international body like UN nuclear watchdog could monitor AI


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Artificial intelligence poses an “existential risk” to humanity, a key innovator has warned during a visit to the United Arab Emirates Unified on Tuesday, proposed an international body like the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor the ground- disrupting the technology.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is on a global tour to discuss artificial intelligence.


Altman, 38, said: “The challenge facing the world is how are we going to manage those risks and ensure that we still enjoy those enormous benefits.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a popular chatbot, caught the world’s attention when it gave essay-like responses to prompts from users. Microsoft has invested around $1 billion in OpenAI.

The success of ChatGPT, which provides a glimpse into how artificial intelligence could change the way people work and learn, has also raised concerns. Hundreds of industry leaders, including Altman, signed a letter in May warning that “minimizing AI-induced extinction must be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics.” and nuclear war”.

Altman made the point, citing the IAEA, the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, as an example of how the world comes together to monitor nuclear energy. That agency was created in the years after the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan at the end of World War II.


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“Let’s make sure we come together globally — and I hope this place can play a real role in this,” Altman said. “We talked about the IAEA as a model where the world said ‘OK, technology is dangerous, let’s all put some protective rails.’ And I think we can do both.

“I think in this case it’s a nuanced message because it says it’s not too dangerous today but it can get dangerous quickly. But we can thread that needle.”

Lawmakers around the world are also considering artificial intelligence. The European Union of 27 countries is pursuing an AI Law that could become the de facto global standard for artificial intelligence. Altman told the US Congress in May that government intervention will be critical to managing the risks that come with AI.

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But the UAE, an autocratic federation of seven kingdoms ruled by inheritance, presents the flip side of AI’s risks. Speech is still tightly controlled. Human rights groups warn the UAE and other countries in the Persian Gulf regularly use spyware to spy on activists, journalists and others. Those limitations affect the precise flow of information — granular AI programs like ChatGPT rely on like machine learning to provide answers to users.

Among the opening speakers for Altman at the event in Abu Dhabi Global Markets was Andrew Jackson, CEO of the AI ​​Inception Institute, described as a G42 company.

G42 is associated with Abu Dhabi’s powerful national security adviser and deputy leader Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The CEO of G42 is Peng Xiao, who has been running Pegasus for years, a subsidiary of DarkMatter, a United Arab Emirates security company that is under scrutiny for hiring former employees. CIA and NSA, as well as others from Israel. The G42 also owns a video and voice calling application that is believed to be a spy tool of the United Arab Emirates government.

In his remarks, Jackson describes himself as representing “the AI ​​ecosystem of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”

“We are a political power and we will be at the center of AI regulation globally,” he said.


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