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Sonoma State Seawolves Reveals New Sports Logo, Wordmarks – SportsLogos.Net News

Image courtesy of @SonomaSeawolves on Twitter.

Sonoma State unveiled the new logo and branding earlier this week, marking the first update to the sports kit’s branding since introducing the Seawolves as the new mascot in 2002.

Sporting director, Dr Nicole Annaloro said: “These markings underline our distinctive brand, which is clear, concise and bold. “We are delighted with the results and believe our athletic record demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation at Sonoma State.”

Sonoma State sought input from student-athletes, coaches and university staff to develop a new logo and label that now aligns the athletic department with its academic identity. was released in 2021, including a new extra foot logo.

Sonoma State is located in Rohnert Park, California, about 50 miles north of San Francisco. The Seawolves have 13 diverse sports that compete at the NCAA Division II level in the California Collegiate Athletic Association, the Western Pacific Conference, and the Western Water polo Association.

The school’s original nickname was Cossacks as a nod to the Russian settlers of Fort Ross, but the term was later deemed derogatory and a committee to change the name was formed. Seawolves was chosen in 2002 as a nod to Sonoma native Jack London, author of “The Sea-Wolf.”

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