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The moment a Chinese warship nearly collided with a US destroyer after cutting through the bow of the 9,000-ton ship

THIS is the moment when a Chinese warship risked nearly ramming an American destroyer in the latest naval standoff in the Taiwan Strait.

The WE Navy explodes Chinese people The ship’s decision to interrupt the 9,000-ton destroyer is “unsafe” amid worsening Sino-US relations.

The view on the American destroyer shows the Chinese warship cutting the road


The view on the American destroyer shows the Chinese warship cutting the roadCredit: AFP
View of the near collision in the Taiwan Strait from behind


View of the near collision in the Taiwan Strait from behindCredit: Reuters
Chinese vessel seen leaving after 'unsafe interaction' in disputed waters


Chinese vessel seen leaving after ‘unsafe interaction’ in disputed watersCredit: Reuters

Video released by the US Navy recently shows a Chinese warship ramming the USS Chung-Hoon’s path as it patrolled in the South China Sea. Taiwan Sea strait.

Both the US destroyer and the Canadian destroyer HSMC Montreal were reportedly conducting a “routine” transit through the disputed area on Saturday.

The footage, released late Sunday, shows the Chinese vessel coming within 137 meters of the American vessel – narrowly avoiding a major collision.

A muffled English voice can be heard in the video sending a radio message to the Chinese warship, apparently warning it against “efforts to restrict freedom of navigation”.

The moment a Chinese fighter jet almost crashed a US spy plane
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The US Navy criticized the exercise as an “unsafe interaction”.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said: “The measures taken by the Chinese military are completely reasonable, legal, professional and safe.

“The US caused trouble and provocation first, while China handled it according to laws and regulations later,” Wang said in response to the video.

On Saturday night, the Chinese military rebuked the United States and Canada for “deliberately taking risks” with the rare joint trip.

Chinese military commentator Song Zhongping called the Chinese ship’s move a “blatant interception” that demonstrates both the capabilities and “courage” of the Chinese navy.

“The more provocations the US increases, the stronger the countermeasures from China will be,” Song said.

It was the second such encounter in recent days.

On May 26, a video recorded a terrifying moment Chinese fighter jet almost crashed into US surveillance plane on the East Sea.

The US declared the dangerous encounter as “unnecessary aggression” further increasing tensions between Beijing and China Washington D.C.

“In my opinion Beijing Derek Grossman, senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation, a US think tank, said it has instructed its forces to respond more decisively to what they believe is a breach of force. of the United States and its allies.

By doing so, China only increases the chance that a miscalculation – namely, that ships or planes accidentally collide – could then lead to armed conflict, he added.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry on Sunday called China’s actions against the US and Canadian ships “provocative”.

“Any action that increases tension and danger will not contribute to regional security.”

The ministry called on China to respect freedom of navigation and peace in the region.

China considers the island nation of Taiwan as its territory, a claim that the Taipei government vehemently denies.

Beijing has recently ramped up military and political pressure to try to force Taiwan into submission.

These tactics include staging increasingly frequent and aggressive war game simulations to invade and capture the autonomous island.

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The brazen acts that led US forces to try Decorative power imbalances by marching their naval might in the same seas.

US warships often pass through this strait, as well as the disputed South China Sea.

The moment a Chinese fighter jet almost crashed into a US spy plane on May 26


The moment a Chinese fighter jet almost crashed into a US spy plane on May 26
Pentagon calls incident 'aggressive'


Pentagon calls incident ‘aggressive’

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