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Biryani Reigns Supreme this Ramadan: Swiggy Reveals Close to 6 Million Orders!


During Ramadan, Swiggy, a popular food delivery service in India, checked out what people were ordering. They found out that lots of people were ordering biryani, a tasty rice dish. In fact, nearly 6 million plates of biryani were ordered during Ramadan, which is about 15% more than usual. The city of Hyderabad really loves biryani, ordering over a million plates during this time, along with 530,000 plates of haleem, another yummy dish.

Traditional favorites like biryani, haleem, and samosas were the most popular choices for breaking the fast (Iftar). Chicken biryani, mutton haleem, samosas, falooda (a dessert), and kheer (a rice pudding) were among the top picks.

Overall, during Ramadan, Swiggy saw a big increase in orders for these popular dishes all over the country. Orders for haleem went up by a huge 1454.88%, phirni (another dessert) by 80.97%, malpua (a sweet pancake) by 79.09%, and falooda and dates by 57.93% and 48.40% respectively.

In cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhopal, and Meerut, there was a big jump in orders for sweet dishes like malpua, dates, and phirni.

These findings were based on orders made on Swiggy from March 12 onwards.

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