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    Tháng Tư 26, 2023

    I got kicked out of the supermarket for my skimpy shorts – people have a phobia of hot women, says OnlyFans model Kerolay Chaves

    A SAMPLE claims she was kicked out of the supermarket for wearing skimpy denim shorts and a crop top. Kerolay…
    Tháng Tư 5, 2023

    What Elon Musk said about Instagram users

    Elon Musk scoured Meta-owned Instagram in one of his recent tweets. The head of Twitter criticized Instagram for allowing unrestricted…
    Tháng Tư 4, 2023

    3 RPA challenges and how to overcome them

    RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, has quickly become one of the most popular tools for businesses in various fields; from…
    Tháng Tư 4, 2023

    Canceled a tournament of their own due to homophobic focus group feedback

    Focus groups are demographically diverse groups that come together to test products or provide shared feedback. In theory, it sounds…
    Tháng Tư 5, 2023

    I found a VERY rude handwritten letter from my neighbor about the ‘smell’ at my house… she said it ‘spoils her air’

    A WOMEN has shared a funny rude letter sent to her by a neighbor after she used a “toxic” wood-burning…
    Tháng Tư 4, 2023

    Cement industry: Will cooling input prices help manufacturers?

    The past year has been turbulent for Indian cement industry. High commodity inflation has put pressure on the profits of…
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