Cine workers’ body urges PM Modi for enhanced security for Salman Khan

Following a gunfire incident outside Salman Khan’s residence, the All Indian Cine Workers Association has urged Prime Minister Modi for heightened security measures. The association has warned of potential extortion attempts and expressed grave concern over the safety of the actor and citizens.

In response to the recent gunfire incident outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai’s Bandra, the All Indian Cine Workers Association has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for enhanced security measures. The association has urged for heightened protection for Salman Khan and swift action against those responsible for the shooting.

Expressing grave concern over the safety of both the actor and citizens residing in Mumbai’s VIP area, the association emphasized Salman Khan’s global stature and the audacity of gangsters resorting to violence, particularly during the ongoing election period.

In a statement to ANI, the association implored Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to prioritize Salman Khan’s security and dismantle the groups behind the shooting. They highlighted the widespread fear instilled in the Bollywood film industry by the incident, warning of potential extortion attempts exploiting the situation.

Standing in solidarity with Salman Khan and his family, the association underscored his integral role within the Bollywood fraternity. They condemned the targeting of Salman Khan by unidentified gangsters, stressing the need for authorities to swiftly apprehend and prosecute the culprits.

The shooting incident, occurring in the early hours of Sunday, April 14th, witnessed gunfire directed at Salman’s residence, Galaxy Apartments. Mumbai police reported hearing gunshots outside the actor’s home in Bandra, with two unidentified individuals on a motorcycle discharging five rounds into the air before fleeing the scene.

Allegedly, Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, Anmol Bishnoi, claimed responsibility for the firing outside Salman’s residence and issued a menacing warning to the actor. An alleged social media post by Anmol, reportedly evading law enforcement and hiding in the US, described the gunfire as a mere “trailer,” cautioning Salman against underestimating their power.

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