Thalapathy Vijay’s New Song: ‘Whistle Podu’ from ‘GOAT’

Thalapathy Vijay’s latest movie, ‘GOAT: Greatest Of All Time,’ is already making waves with its first song release, ‘Whistle Podu.’ It’s a catchy dance number that’s getting everyone excited. Vijay sings the song, and it features cool dance moves by Prabhudeva and Prashanth. The lyrics are by Madhan Karky, adding to the fun vibe of the song. ‘Whistle Podu’ sets the stage for a big musical adventure in the movie, which is set to hit theaters on September 5. With Vijay possibly playing two roles – as a hero and a villain – and a stellar cast joining him, ‘GOAT’ promises to be a must-watch film for all Vijay fans!

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