Why Karnataka is cracking down on vendors of pani puri and gobi manchurian

In July 2024, Karnataka’s food safety authority discovered harmful substances in samples of pani puri and shawarma, including cancer-causing agents and harmful bacteria. Over the past five months, the department has been vigilant, collecting and testing 4,000 food samples due to complaints of health issues like vomiting and diarrhea after consuming certain foods.

Responding to these concerns, the Karnataka Food Safety and Standards Commissionerate has cracked down on street food vendors, particularly those selling items like gobi manchurian and pani puri. The crackdown targets the use of artificial food colorings and other chemicals that can pose health risks. Since March, the department has issued three bans on these substances in foods such as gobi manchurian, cotton candy, and chicken kababs.

This latest action follows multiple complaints and aims to ensure that street foods are prepared and served safely, without compromising public health.

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